Certified translations

It can often happen that a Spanish public office may ask us for an official document that has been issued by an Italian public body, such as a birth certificate or an academic certificate. Obviously, it is very likely that this certificate was originally issued in a language other than Spanish.

However, most Spanish public offices do not accept documents which have not been issued in Spanish (only in very rare cases an English written document be accepted). However, a simply translation of the document is not enough. Indeed, the translation must be carried out by a certified official translator (in Spain “traductor jurado”) so that our document, in addition to being translated, also acquires an official validity and can therefore be used for any public practice in Spain.

For example, a frequent case is when we need to request the equivalence of a bachelor’s degree, in order to certify its validity outside our national borders and therefore be able to apply for a public job application.

Globaris360 will help you during this process, to ensure that your official documents will be valid in Spain too.

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Transparency without hidden conditions

All the counseling and advice services we offer are not linked with any commercial offer from external companies. Our fees just include the services we can offer you directly, without intermediation.

Nevertheless, if any of our services implies some external advice which is not included in our direct offering, we will never charge you for it and you will have always the freedom of choosing the provider which best meets your needs and preferences, in order for you to know always that our priority is  to provide you the advice you really deserve, without any kind of constraint, with transparency and clarity.

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