Driving licence renewal or "canje"

The “canje” (conversion) is the process by which a driving license issued in a foreign country is converted into a Spanish driving license.

However, this is not a mandatory procedure for everyone: driving licenses issued in any member state of the European Union are valid to be able to drive a car on the Spanish territory, as clearly indicated by the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico). However, if we need to renew our near-expiry driving license directly in Spain, without necessarily having to come back to our birth-country, we will be required to apply for the “canje” first.

Once the citizen has made a request for conversion, he will be registered in the DGT database and can request the renewal directly in the Spanish city of residence. From that moment, obviously, it will not be possible to renew the driving license in our country, unless we make a new conversion back to our national format.

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